Safety policy


We at 3D Adventure strongly believe that safety of all persons involved is the most important element of our business and for that reason we adhere to highest standards when it comes to the safety of our guests.

As all people who frequently engage in outdoor activities know, no outdoor activity can be completely risk-free. Having said that, our role is to minimise these risks as much as possible. Our policies and practices are always under constant review to ensure that we are using up to date and relevant safety practices at all times.

As guides are responsible for making the right safety decisions for our clients with careful regard to weather, conditions and ability, it is the responsibility of our clients to follow their guides’ instructions at all times as not doing so could increase the level of risk for all persons involved.


Risk is a part of any activity but it can and has to be managed to acceptable levels. To achieve this goal we at 3D Adventure perform a rigorous risk assessment procedure which identifies significant hazards, risk factor, risk control measures and residual risk after the measures are implemented. The risk assessment procedure has a profound effect on route planning and tour design.


3D adventure keeps low guide-to-client ratios.Guide experience and training are also a key factor in our agency. Our guides walk the walk, and the tours they guide are a part of their lifestyle.

We strive to provide safe and suitable equipment but parts of the equipment that are expected to be brought by the client, such as trekking shoes/boots for hiking tours, technical underwear (if that is your thing) for all tours, pants for cycling that do not restrict movement etc. If you are a newbie, ask in advance what you should bring.


There is a minimum age for clients on all tours.

All rules and safety guidelines as instructed by guides prior to, and/or during the tour must be followed at all times.

Being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs at any time during the tour is strictly prohibited.

3D Adventure and its guides reserve the right to refuse service to anyone they deem unfit for participation in the activities for which they have enrolled.

3D Adventure reserves the right to change the tour itinerary and/or chosen route with your safety in mind due to environmental factors, other factors outside human control or any safety issue deemed significant.

3D Adventure cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property while participating in activities. To make sure your belongings stay dry we recommend to pack everything in a water and dust proof travel sack. Fragile items such as cameras should be packed in proper cases/bags.

Before any tour commences it is important to understand that all participants will be required to sign a Health Information & Risk Acknowledgment form agreeing to the conditions of participating in a tour with 3D Adventure.

Tourist insurance will generally cover any medical conditions, injuries or accidents that may occur after the effective date of the policy. It will not cover any pre-existing conditions, preventive check ups or elective procedures. All our clients enjoy tourist insurance packages from Uniqua and Allianz.



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